Rikky - The Sensitive Expat

– The Pros And Cons Of Giftedness –

 Rikky Maas


Name: Rikky Maas

Age: 23

Location: Wichita, Kansas, USA (but she’s from Amsterdam)

Occupation: Life coach and writer

Rikky is a life coach and writer. We talk about what giftedness is and how it relates to being a highly sensitive person, Rikky’s favourite parts of personal growth, and what it’s like moving from the Netherlands to the USA.

In this episode

  • The ways in which Rikky is intense and gifted
  • What giftedness is
  • How intellectual and emotional sensitivity conflict with each other
  • How Rikky manages her emotional sensitivity
  • The benefits of being highly sensitive
  • The problems with sensory sensitivity
  • Rikky’s favourite and least favourite parts of being gifted
  • How Rikky describes herself in 3 words
  • Rikky’s passions, big and small
  • What draws Rikky to her interests
  • How the death of Rikky’s aunt influenced her take on life
  • Rikky’s favourite parts of personal growth
  • How Rikky’s approaches personal growth
  • Why Rikky lives in the USA and what it’s like for her there


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