Ebonie - The Misfit-Turned-Maven

– Learning To Be OK With Who You Are –

 Ebonie Allard


Name: Ebonie Allard

Age: 35

Location: Brighton, UK

Occupation: Coach and entrepreneur

Ebonie Allard is a coach and entrepreneur. She talks about becoming OK with who you are, perfectionism and eating disorders, and learning to be relaxed.

In this episode

  • What it’s like to live in seven countries before the age of seven
  • Why Ebonie didn’t feel normal growing up
  • How Ebonie became OK with herself
  • How burnout make Ebonie both stronger and softer
  • How Ebonie found out who she was
  • Ebonie’s experiences with perfectionism and eating disorders
  • How Ebonie stays relaxed
  • Ebonie’s approach to business
  • How Ebonie spends her free time
  • Ebonie’s experience of writing a book
  • What Ebonie’s book is about
  • Ebonie’s Myers-Briggs and DISC types
  • What Ebonie thinks makes her unique
  • Ebonie’s ideal day


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