Michelle - The Humourous Mama Bear

– Understanding Human Nature –

 Michelle Frost


Name: Michelle Frost

Age: 45

Location: Ohio, USA

Occupation: Blogger and freelance writer

Michelle is a blogger and freelance writer. We talk about lots of things, including her interest in human nature and how comfortable she is with herself.

In this episode

  • Michelle’s favourite countries and her dislike of popular places
  • What Michelle’s childhood was like
  • Michelle’s issues with stuffy jobs and structure
  • Michelle’s ability to see negatives as positives
  • Michelle’s multipotentiality and the theme in her interests
  • Michelle’s reading preferences
  • Being an introvert
  • Michelle’s thoughts on intuition
  • Michelle’s relationship with confidence and perfectionism
  • What Michelle likes most about herself
  • The most important thing in Michelle’s life
  • Michelle’s role in relationships
  • Michelle’s triggers and warning signs
  • Michelle’s hoarder tendencies
  • The patterns in how Michelle approaches things
  • Michelle’e values
  • Michelle’s ideal day
  • Michelle’s message to the world


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